1. Lease On Life

From the recording THUS II [Standard Edition]

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Lease On Life

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This is the Standard Edition of the second album. There is also the Unlimited Edition which is gapless like a Pink Floyd album and includes 4 additional tracks. This version offers a classic listening experience with a moment of silence between songs. Either way, the compositions themselves are dense and bear repeating to really absorb, though the intent is also to be palatable upon first listening.

THUS II was written over the course of 4/5 years and really ended up being a struggle, as I went into it striving to avoid the old sophomore slump. What emerged over time was an accumulation of short creative spurts as opposed to the first album, written in mainly a single inspired 5 month stretch. I think as a result of that, it was difficult for me to come to terms with the project as a whole in its finished form until I rerecorded, remixed, and mastered it between 2012-2014. Finally I am at peace with this as an album and it stands tall as a companion to the first album.


My life reads like a users guide
to losing someones mind
and I'm still surprised I was able
to live this kind of life while

I was writhing in pain
and laying on my side
That's when I realized
What real life was like

This lease on life has run up and I can't catch up
If I keep on writing how then can I read on?

This bookmark in the pages
of my ages
Holds me in a chapter
you don't read til after
you see lifesigns
well where is my lifeline?

Writing out pages
to keep me from dying
Prolonging life sources
Reads like beating dead horses