1. Smile

From the recording THUS

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All instruments/vocals performed, recorded, engineered & produced by M. Scudieri


I wash my hands of this and throw my towel in
Though I wasn't the dirty rat if there was a first place to be in
I remember the hard times
cause they weren't fun times
nonetheless our times

But I just want to get it back
You lying sack

You're words don't weigh to much, but you got a lot to say
I never heard someone talk so much with so little to say
Both my feet on the ground,
you wait for the
other shoe to drop

But I just want to get it back
You know what I'm talking about
You should just turn back
Don't you know you're out?

I thank you execution style
Now take your exit and we'll call it a day
Keep your distance from me

I don't want to get it back
You can just take it back
But I hope that you know you're out
And I dare you to try to come back