1. Go Away

From the recording THUS

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Go Away

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All instruments/vocals performed, recorded, engineered & produced by M. Scudieri


Apologies won't say that I'm sorry
On my knees from the weight of this worry
I said I'm sorry and I hope
It's in your heart to let this go
If it is please let me know
If it's not I'll go
Away, On and on I'll go
This day

Now it's up to me to find my way home
Where it is, tomorrow I may not know
Committing crimes and I can only hope
That you've got the heart to spare death tolls
Enisled at sea, no longer in tow and
I know that I must go

Away, On and on I'll go
Who am I to leave behind the mess I left?
And you are the same, and you have not changed