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From the recording THUS

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All instruments/vocals performed, recorded, engineered & produced by M. Scudieri


Face down in a gutter
Well it's ok, cause I have my dreams
Got my own ideas and lies
Guess I don't mind if you tell me otherwise
Be my friend or my enemy Either way I'm pleased

You say 'do this', what I should try to be
But which one of us here is me?
I've got my ears and eyes
So I think that I'll get by

If you drown it out, you can make em see
You can show em how, you can make them beleive
Let your demon out, set em free
Just open the door and swallow the key

I've got this thing I ,like to call home
Seems to be wherever I go
Anywhere I want to end up
Just don't bother me about it

My throat hurts but come the pleasure or pain
Well, you know what they say
So no more hand me down advice
Just go home and let me late my night

I'll lay it out, and make a scene
Cause I know what I'm doing don't talk down to me
Go ahead, tell me I won't last
whil;e I light up the next one with my last

If I block them out, they'll let me be
But is it me or them that I'm setting free?