1. Clocks

From the recording THUS

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All instruments/vocals performed, recorded, engineered & produced by M. Scudieri


Done giving credit to the credible
Done eating what's not edible
Done paying my oaths to those whom
I don't owe
Everything is not what it appears to be,
that's why appearances aren't everything
Might see it if you wake up, but you only rise and shine
When you see and opportunity
Something that puts you at ease
Maybe I could put you at ease,
with some kind of sympathy

You only rise and shine to the world when it's out to get you
This is why if you die, the same world will forget you
I have seen it so many times
That’s right I used to love it and be the same way

Feels like all debts are indelible
You’re conscientious but it’s still forgettable
The skin of your green back
You can shed it all

A little sympathy
Shed it all

They’re gonna take it away
Gotta get your head from the clouds
and the thought of the winter
Take flight as a winner
In the fight for your life
Or they’re gonna take it away
Times ticking and taking away as it’s tolling
Taking away the time
Ticking so fast but I’m
Deciphering the problem
Probably some sort of