1. The Last Day

From the recording Amaranthe

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The Last Day

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All the things that I looked forward to upon finally getting to you
Are gonna make the tired days and every nightmare worth waking through
And years of dreams abandoned and false hopes will get their chance at coming true

Saying this is the last day
And I can feel the change
I'm leaving this place
For something new and strange

But now you feel your heart's the only one that was beating for two
Cause I was trying to tell you in all the wrong tongues that just wasn't true
So I thought better to let go and get away from hurting you
But now I'm living in our skeleton

Saying this is the last day
I try to make
Everything ok
I drove you away

And I remember thinking
And I remember thinking
Whatever happened to me
Is not my concern no more
Cause none of it happened with you
What's gonna happen to me? Well that's all I'm concerned about
Cause now it happens to you too

But what's happened to us now?
How could I let this happen to you?

This is the last day
Not much else to say
Things didn't go our way
Close the door and be on my way