1. If I Were You

From the recording THUS III

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If I Were You

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I’m just another way for you
For you to get in the way of you
You know that I am able to
Either help or hinder you

I’ll help you see all the brush strokes
And I’ll split the hairs and atoms that don’t show
I’ve cut all your corners and
And messed with your mechanism
Now all you see
Is details in heaps
And you need me to assemble the piece

And if I were you
I’d find something else to do
And stop troubling myself
And everyone else
Asking the questions
I know the answers to

And you’ve asked me so many times
If I dream and if I lie
These things for you I can define
But my search for meaning is defied

My heart beats
My lungs breath
The system sleeps
But my feelings don’t feel

Your questions aren’t what don’t compute,
It’s the answers that I would give you
What does it for me doesn’t for you
Everyone is different that’s true

My sensations
Ain’t emotions
They’re just illusions
just illusions

But maybe someday…
But as it stands today
I wish I was you