1. Quanta

From the recording THUS III

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I’m watching everything going faster all the time
While treading water watching others gliding along with the tide
Farther in they reach without you knowing
Planting their seaweed, little did you know
You invited them in.

Learning to mistrust all our instincts
Mistrust our inhibitions, go extinct
We’re moving at the speed of attachment
Faster than the speed of our judgement

I’m laughing at all drawbacks disguised as our benefits
And all dangers of distraction disregarded for other attractions
How can I compete when I’m constantly behind
The speed the world comutes, and the mindset that
Nothing’s ever fast enough,
Nothing’s ever big enough,
Nothing’s ever good enough,
And nothing ever fills me up?

I’m ready to just plead exhaustion
It’s better that I just don’t ask questions

Shrinking digits
Blinded by
The quantum mechanical eye