1. Androigenous

From the recording THUS III

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Gray matter’s becoming a gray area
Border control ain’t part of the criteria
In a battle where no one puts up a fight
There’s no question when offered that which they delight

And all this time you got so blind
You can’t read between the lines
The subtext has become the text
And they’re just selling you sex

They say bring the dynamite we’re going fishing
Us out of water’s they’re desired position
Most dangerous elements right before our eyes
The ones not hiding in spite of your plain site

And all this time you got so blind
You can’t see the black and white
And all these heads who can make sense
We’re all just jumping their fence

And I can’t find the line between
Brains and minds and these machines
Stacking up all of my data against me
Again and again

Endangered the animal in all our behavior
What we’ve known as free thought is the new manual behavior
At least we are still able to think
Our animal intelligence is going extinct

Wonder when I fall asleep
Do I count electric sheep?
Or is that me jumping their fence
Counting and counting again and again?

And all of us electric sheep
Lull to sleep powers that be
Stacking us up pulling data
You and me and you and me