1. Believe

From the recording THUS III

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I believe the world is spinning in a grave
dug up while all mankind saves and prays
I believe that heaven’s gates have come unhinged
And there’s no point in trying to get in

All our tears will rust the faces
of all our future generations
Inheriting a world in debt
Doomed to life repaying our debt

I believe confusion is a useful tool
Spread like a virus to infectious fools
And I believe a faction of us are immune
And trying to get antidote through

All who lead with their horse senses
Start to feel they’re jumping fences
A Carrot and stick operation
Duck and switch renumeration

Everyone listens to someone
The question is what you heed

Pull the string and make me dance
Move my mouth to speak
And make me say all of the things
That make them all believe

Have you think it’s heredity
And think you’re born that way

I believe some feet are planted firm enough
To feel the nudging of our world
I believe we’re incontent
to nail bullseyes on the wrong target

All our tears will rust the faces
Of every leader in our world’s races
Watch the show that they put on
While being disposed of

Cross my heart and hope I die
When it’s all said and done
You’ve made your wish closed my eyes
Thank you it’s been fun

Have you think it’s heredity
When it’s only stupidity
Conditioned all they say
But you weren’t born that way

I believe
I believe

I believe but then again
everything I believe is what they want me to