From the recording THUS III

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H+ [Feat. Pat Conway & Steve Fassbender]

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This is my companion
Answers every question
Takes me where I go
Tells me what I want to know
My friend ca drown me in illusion
My friend untangles my confusion
And pretty soon I won't need no one else
Or to control myself because
I can not pull myself away from you
I will always have some version of you
At the cost of myself

Calls and I come running
Always makes me laugh
Tells when you are wrong
Never ever talks back

Pretty soon I won’t need no one else
I’d rather talk with you than someone else

I can not pull myself away from you
I will never regret creating you
At the cost of myself

I know I can always depend on you
That is until there is a better you
I’ve lost capacity for self likeness
Traded my faculties for a soothing virus
No need to look where I’m going
You’re my mapping and invited distraction
Even when we are crashing

Now we have communion
You are me and I am you
We’re at understanding
But you me better than I you
My friend has made me an illusion
I am still more or less human
Now my friend does my thinking for me
I was blind now my friend sees for me
I cannot find myself
There is only you
I can no longer see the powers that could be