1. Angel

From the recording THUS

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All instruments/vocals performed, recorded, engineered & produced by M. Scudieri


My eyes are closed my face is white
Thought that this might be the end
But I'm only half way through the lie
Cause there's still more truth to bend
Backwards to fit my needs
It's left up to me again
If I am supposed to make things right
I'll have to make more than I spend
Cause if I fell today, there won't be a tomorrow
To begin again
A loving embrace, a smile on their face,
And a prayer as I am on my way
Inside these lies I'm dressed up in
Crying eyes confess the sin
All the truth I had faith in
Has turned me in
But I know one thing
Angels will fly, devils may burn
But I just sit alone and wait my return
Look to the sky, asking you why
Must I remain inside, locked away
Much smarter than you all realize
An Introvert externalized