THUS 2007


My eyes are closed my face is white

Thought that this might be the end

But I'm only half way through the lie

Cause there's still more truth to bend

Backwards to fit my needs

It's left up to me again

If I am supposed to make things right

I'll have to make more than I spend


Cause if I fell today, there won't be a tomorrow

To begin again

A loving embrace, a smile on their face,

And a prayer as I am on my way


Inside these lies I'm dressed up in

Crying eyes confess the sin

All the truth I had faith in

Has turned me in


But I know one thing


Angels will fly, devils may burn

But I just sit alone and wait my return

Look to the sky, asking you why

Must I remain inside, locked away


Much smarter than you all realise

An Introvert externalized



Go Away

Apologies won't say that I'm sorry

On my knees from the weight of this worry

I said I'm sorry and I hope

It's in your heart to let this go

If it is please let me know

If it's not I'll go

Away, On and on I'll go

This day


Now it's up to me to find my way home

Where it is, tomorrow I may not know

Committing crimes and I can only hope

That you've got the heart to spare death tolls

Enisled at sea, no longer in tow and

I know that I must go


Away, On and on I'll go

Who am I to leave behind the mess I left?

And you are the same, and you have not changed




The Stone

Pretty soon you won't have a team to take one for

It isn't my place to tell you, but I'm gonna tell you

That the world was turning long before you got here

I speculate it'll keep going when we die


You need something to beleive?

Just beleive in you.

That's what you're fighting for

Do you need anyhting more?


You're all self inflicted and that's a victim no one likes

Play like you're an underdog when all you know how to do is bite

Such a short time to live, there's no time to kill

Scraping to the top of an anthill


Short time to live, there's not timeto kill

throwing stones at the top of the anthill




Face down in a gutter

Well it's ok, cause I have my dreams

Got my own ideas and lies

Guess I don't mind if you tell me otherwise

Be my friend or my enemy Either way I'm pleased


You say 'do this', what I should try to be

But which one of us here is me?

I've got my ears and eyes

So I think that I'll get by


If you drown it out, you can make em see

You can show em how, you can make them beleive

Let your demon out, set em free

Just open the door and swallow the key


I've got this thing I ,like to call home

Seems to be wherever I go

Anywhere I want to end up

Just don't bother me about it


My throat hurts but come the pleasure or pain

Well, you know what they say

So no more hand me down  advice

Just go home and let me late my night


I'll lay it out, and make a scene

Cause I know what I'm doing  don't talk down to me

Go ahead, tell me I won't last

whil;e I light up the next one with my last


If I block them out, they'll let me be

But is it me or them that I'm setting free?




I wash my hands of this and throw my towel in

Though I wasn't the dirty rat if there was a first place to be in

I remember the hard times

cause they weren't fun times

nonetheless our times


But I just want to get it back

You lying sack


You're words don't weigh to much, but you got a lot to say

I never heard someone talk so much with so little to say

Both my feet on the ground,

you wait for the

other shoe to drop


But I just want to get it back

You know what I'm talking about

You should just turn back

Don't you know you're out?


I thank you execution style

Now take your exit and we'll call it a day

Keep your distance from me


I don't want to get it back

You can just take it back

But I hope that you know you're out

And I dare you to try to come back



Real Trouble
Try to think of what to say, as I turn myself away form this trouble

How much I gotta pay to get myself away from this trouble?

Cause I didn't want you to find out this way.


We're in trouble

really big trouble


It was only yesterday, and I felt so far away from my troubles

And I had a place to stay and my home was not reduced to rubble

And I can't live like this forever


I'm in trouble

Really big trouble


I can't keep living like this,

it's to much for my health now

I can't keep living down here

life's feeling like a cel




I hear about a lot of people getting shot in this place

Where saving grace is saving face to get you through the days

Don't catch fire, everybody's flammable

Moods: kerosene. Actions: matches.

That's how the fire starts

Born like twins

Matchstick mess

(Mother nature gives birth to brother mature and sister even more

But they ain't around so, just enjoy the embers on me)


Gonna burn your hand a lot cause it's always hot in here

But you'll always put it back to keep your foot inside the door here

You'll never steer clear


I burned my hand, put it back again




I though you had, you told me time and time again

we got a good thing going

I didn't know, little did I know you really had me going

Now you're down on your knees

and nobody's there to help you so you're coming back

Coming to me?

Guess you've got no home to foster you cause I'm the last

You'd ever see

If home is where the heart is, then you must be homeless


And being here at long last at the end of the line

I'm seeing clearer in hindsight

What I told myself so long ago

Just without me knowing


You never really wanted me around

You never really wanted me there




Hold on, I need some more from you

Don't put your patience away, I'm gonna need some of yours


All of this complaining, I'm a laymen, I'm not a criminal


Come on you can do Just one more thing for me

Sorry but today I won't have your money


All of this complaining, I'm a laymen, I'm not a criminal

All of this complaining, we're the same and I'm looking out for you


So you don't need my money

to complete the deal we got going

Don't wake me don't stir me

don't want monetareality in me


All these broken promises, please don't take offense

Let's plan for today I've got some time to kill



Wings & Prayers

He dies, you cry and capitalize in the side

Robbing your friends’ wife

In to much pain to be thinking twice


Voices in the house and mystic numbers that you’re lying about

Where’s your head? Where you been?

For eighteen years you were out and about


And as the apple fell, so far from the tree, into a whole it fell

Swallowed down six feet


Gritting, those teeth ain’t too far below the surface of your smile

I claim you, morally, as my moral enemy


All these wings and prayers won’t get you anywhere

You won’t be seeing him again far as I can see




Done giving credit to the credible

Done eating what's not edible

Done paying my oaths to those whom

I don't owe

Everything is not what it appears to be,

that's why appearances aren't everything

Might see it if you wake up, but you only rise and shine

When you see and opportunity

Something that puts you at ease

Maybe I could put you at ease,

with some kind of sympathy


You only rise and shine to the world when it's out to get you

This is why if you die, the same world will forget you

I have seen it so many times

That’s right I used to love it and be the same way


Feels like all debts are indelible

You’re conscientious but it’s still forgettable

The skin of your green back

You can shed it all


A little sympathy

Shed it all


They’re gonna take it away

Gotta get your head from the clouds

and the thought of the winter

Take flight as a winner

In the fight for your life

Or they’re gonna take it away

Times ticking and taking away as it’s tolling

Taking away the time

Ticking so fast but I’m

Deciphering the problem

Probably some sort of


THUSCUDIERI copyright 2018