We continue last week’s Blade Runner discussion, today focusing on Blade Runner 2049. Conor Colson of Prometheus-By-Minute Podcast (Seriously, check it out. It’s excellent!) joins Mother 9000 and I. I yank the wheel in the wrong directions, imitating actors and crew members of various films while Conor’s razor sharp observations and powers of explication make it worth sitting through my crap, as Mother 9000 keeps things on track while courteously laughing at my shitty, shitty jokes.


'Blade Runner' round table Live Stream with Studio Yutani and @officerjoek9, February 23, 2019. This was fun...

Disclaimer: We do our intros @ 04:12, and there's no audio until then, so start there. Clara’s audio kicks in @ 12:15.

All Things Alien roundtable livestream with Studio Yutani, December 16, 2018.

Clara at Yutani Studio, Conor Coulson of the Prometheus-By-Minute Podcast, and myself analyze and speculate Titan Publishing's new in-universe Alien: Covenant book, 'David's Drawings.'

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