Okay, before I start gushing, these fine items are on sale at for $9.99

If they're no longer on sale, I guess head over to Weyland Yutani's Official Website and get 'em for their price.

So I saw these on Instagram and, after making a little excited 'acid splash' of my own, inquired about price and retailer. I got an answer and ordered the next time I had no money to be buying frivolous things like this. So a couple days later, here they are. I suspected they might be kind of chintzy. They're not. They're spectacular. Each coaster weighs 6 oz. Weight equates to quality when it comes to coasters. Right? Also they are felt bottomed; Jones would rub his self preserving...self...all over these. The whole time, purring the tune to 'Felt Bottomed Girls', even though Jaws was never his scene and he doesn't like Star Wars, and he's in a movie that is basically those two movies put together. Wow...this is getting weird. But what really got me was the texture on these things. Remember when they talked about simply pouring acetone on styrofoam to get this effect in the film? Well I was really impressed these coasters feature a very prevalent styrofoam texture. The attention to detail in the sculpt really outbid my disappointment with the dopey fluorescent green blood color - though I realized just now it glows in the dark?? Ok that's kind of cool, even though it's another inaccuracy. (What is this, Predalien blood?) Somehow I'll go on. Regardless, buy these. They're super. And they say "A L I E N' on the sides. I might repaint them 'Facehugger Acid Blood Yellow' if they sell that color acrylic paint. If so I'll post pictures. But I digress. The important thing to remember here is ALIEN ACID SPLASH COASTERS! :D

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