I'm Mike Scudieri, songwriter and producer of Thus. The quality of music steadily declines over the years. THUS resists that. Artists’ focus seems to be on production, instruments, and attitude. The lowest common denominator is mistaken for relatablility. The most essential ingredient in good good music. As listeners we ignore dated sound production and return time and again to old music. And even on the worst guitar in the world, great songs make us feel something. No matter who you are, or what style you listen to, it really is all about the music.

Originally THUS was a simple recording project intended to find band mates. Upon completion the songs possessed enough character to publish as an album. It worked. Joined by a revolving door of faithful friends and fantastic musicians over the years, the band has performed around New England over the past decade. Thus II was released independently in April 2011, gaining some notice and new fans. The Unplugged Ep a couple years later displayed a handful of reimagined songs from the first 2 albums for - you guessed it - acoustic guitars. After 5 years of work, I wrote and recorded two albums - the first, now completed and published as Thus III is a lengthy sonic journey of intertwining concepts and new stylistic territory. The 2nd, the upcoming Thus IV, will be a return to the straight forward stylings from the first album. Mid/late 2018 isn’t unrealistic...


Check out the music. Let it take you somewhere, feel free to support or just download for free and share. That’s why I do this. Cheers-

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