THE ALIEN CLUB by Trel W Sidoruk

In our never ending crusade to illuminate dark corners of ALIEN's production, we all come across a menagerie of related media from the last 40 years, ranging from odd marketing strategies to failed toy lines to video game ripoffs to alternate soundtracks, to...this.


We've all heard about Alien: Echo and its marketing as the first young adult novel in the Alien series. So on a related note, I stumbled across this curiosity the other day, THE ALIEN CLUB by Trel W Sidoruk and from the reviews it sounds like a fun read. One I'll get to before long. If you've read it, let us know you thoughts-

The description is as follows

The Alien Club follows the path forged by a ten-year-old boy, blindly clawing his way through the confusing, frightening and utterly fascinating life afforded him via a magical neighborhood situated in suburbia USA, during the summer of 1979.

When everything is your first, you’re an alien. The feelings, sensations, decisions and ramifications of your actions are uncharted territory. An alien landscape that stretches from your front door to your first love can be more bizarre, beautiful and unforgiving than any other planet in the Universe. With no handbook and nowhere to turn, you’re forced to blaze a path to greatness you’re not even sure is your destiny. A truly mesmerizing journey created by a series of tragic and fanciful events that are thrust into motion by seemingly mundane issues that grip and alter the trajectory of an innocent youth.

The author explains that the book is intended for adults and that several sleeper themes underline the story, setting and subplots - death, drugs, sexuality, peer pressure, child abuse and even your first love. Sidoruk goes on to say it's taken him 25 years to complete the story!

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