A L I E N Interview Roundup #1: Yaphet Kotto

This will be the first in another blog series. I like having a place to reference things like this and add to them over time, and I figured why not make it public? So going down the line of all the actresses/actors from ALIEN, I’m going to start with all the videos I can find of Mr. Yaphet Kotto. There isn't a ton of Yaphet material, and none from 1979 that I've located yet. But I'll keep scouring...


“...they were saying one word...”


“I wrote a book about Jesus...it took me 20 years to write...”


“I’ve never auditioned for a role in my life.”




“I said ‘Wow, that’s  Sydney Portière!”


“Are you a tough guy?”

“Well...yes and no.”


“I sort of let the situation blend out to where I go in life.”


It’s difficult to tell who’s messing with who here...


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