ASH: A Fan Fiction Web comic is coming May 2019, on the 40th Anniversary of the original scifi horror classic's cinematic release. Intended to be a companion piece to Ridley Scott's film, the story details the origins of the Nostromo's original Science Officer, as well as the ominous character from the film, Ash. The original film's aesthetic informs the entire visual design of this graphic novel, while promising thrilling reveals and answers to age old questions, aiming to satisfy hard core geeks and mild mannered cinematic admirers alike. Here's the skinny:

Sickly former scientist Michaels seeks a quiet exile aboard the space freighter Nostromo to forget a dark, mysterious past. When an all too familiar situation involving a potential extraterrestrial signal threatens his new subdued life and fellow crew members, he conceals it from his employer, the sprawling Weyland Yutani Corporation. But when the company discovers his treachery, it is a race against time to stop an enigmatic Executive Science Officer, Ash, in which Michaels must use his knowledge - and face his history - to save The Nostromo from Ash and the company.

Featuring Ripley, Dallas, Kane, Lambert, Parker and Brett from 'Alien' for the first time since ‘Alien’, as well as an array of brand new characters, ASH explores all new territory and visions of Ridley Scott's 'Alien' universe.

Strap up and prepare to return to the Nostromo...

Check out NOSTROMO: BLACK BOX supplemental mini comics!

Check out NOSTROMO: BLACK BOX supplemental mini comics!

Alien Age 11: Seven dreamers there were... 

In this current age of regurgitated, albeit nicely illustrated, content intended to hold over us fans, (looking at you Alien 3: The Unproduced Screenplay and upcoming Alien: The Original Screenplay) I was ecstatic to stumble across this gem. Pretty interesting how exhaustive an 11 year old’s adaptation can be! In both its writing and illustration, it’s particularly well done. I recall my own adaptation of Alien 3 I started at age 9 and it wasn’t this good. There’s a trove of special features as well. It…

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VERY Limited edition... 

Check it out! There are very few of these in existence and you can pick em up below. You’re welcome-

About that deadline... 


Hey Alien people. 

Here’s the 411.

Lost my big customer last month and had to spring for a brand new full time. 

During this time, the Ash co-writer and I decided to totally reimagine our intro to the story, which turned out to be somewhat daunting...with only a few weeks in which to complete script, pencilling, inking, and coloring.

Rest assured, this hiccup is only improving the experience. I want this to feel like the original film and boy, this new #1 is going to drive it home.

So sit tight and…

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Perfect Organism Podcast spotlight on Ash: A Fan Fiction Comic 

Perfect Organism Podcast cohost Jaime Prater graciously offered an episode of Hadley's Hope Fan Spotlight Series, an offshoot dedicated to fan generated Alien content. Naturally, I accepted. We talk cinema memories, prequels, and my upcoming comic. I love this guy - amazing artist, tireless fan, and a good friend, bringing fans together and giving voice to creators like myself. Many thanks! Click below, and don't forget to check out the other amazing projects!