January 12 show and concert film at Dusk 

Joined by Sexcoffee and , we had a fantastic evening at Dusk in Providence RI. Owner Rick Sunderland was an energetic and gracious presence throughout the night - thanks again Rick! We opted to do our own sound as we recorded the show and had it filmed to cut a film together in the near future. Expect to see that here soon...
Billed as our final show before my relocation to Seattle, we put every ounce of energy and practice into our performance and the crowd showed us a good time. Many thanks to everyone who…Read more

Bass Tracking Sessions 

Steve and I are picking up THUS III sessions this week tracking bass. We started with a song called 'Eras To Eons' which sounds like A Perfect Circle and The Beatles. Next week we move on to 'Peace On Mars.' If the title reminds of David Bowie, you get it. It isn't unlike late period Bowie, which in my humble opinion is his best work.  

Hitting the studio 

We've done some preliminary test tracking a new song (the first song on THUS III) and it sounds fantastic so far. Collaborating with talented musicians is really exciting.
With sessions under way, this new narrative of songs will arrive soon. We can only complete it as fast as the process will allow, but rest assured you're in for some surprises.

THUS...the band 

...as in not just me anymore. The band is coming together better than I could have imagined in the last several years. I have no business playing with these guys and they certainly bring out my best. So far it's just the bassist - Steve Fassbender (or is tha Bassfender...?) and drummer Pat Conway. Both are top notch. With only the 3 of us it's starting to sound insanely good. 
Still the search for 2 singing guitarists is proving to be a 90 degree angle uphill battle. Either way the aim is still to begin…

Successful test run on new songs 

THUS played at The Skylight Lounge last night. Really it was only percussionist Pat Conway and myself, but the new songs went over well which was a bigger deal for me than I think I let on. Pretty vindicating to see some audience members grooving on songs I've never played before. What a great lineup too! The night started out strong but never faltered- check out this night:
 So today I'm going to do some booking, and work on THUS III...it's getting to the point now where I'm holding the release date until…

2015 411 

Hey-  I haven't posted much in the way of news for a while so here's some upcoming stuff. Now the official site is launched and if you haven't heard the remasters of THUS I & II you can check em out there. You can also listen to the new Unplugged EP exclusively at the site. (thusmusic.com/thus-unplugged) I'm working on making it available. For now feel free to stream. And tell everyone you know.
I've been talking up THUS III for some time now and it's going to be another milestone. Absolutely epic album. I'm…




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